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Fujioka’s has always had a reputation for selecting the best wines at the best prices. We have a collection of well-known and artisan brand wines from around the world that are selected based on quality for the price. Let us help you find the right wine to compliment your dinner. We can also offer help with your beverage needs for parties, weddings or any other special occasion. Come and visit us Fujioka’s Wine TIMES @ Market City Shopping Center.

Fujioka's carries fine wines that deliver extraordinary quality at an outstanding value. 

We talked with Master Sommeliers, Growers, and Suppliers to find wines that were new, hot, or incredible value! The wines here represent many days of searching out the best.

You will not find a better collection of wines, and we hope these wines entice you to broaden your wine portfolio. We have done our homework, now come and experience the fruits of our labor.

For the Holiday Wine Selections, we ramped it up a notch this year with some amazing results. With selections that match the newcomer to the most demanding, we have the wine that fits your needs. The Fujioka’s Team really thought long and hard in choosing wines from all over the world that could be potential great gifts or to add to any wine enthusiast’s collection. From great sparkling wines from Italy to unexpected gems from South Africa, we hope you enjoy these wines as much as we have. Let our expert staff find the right bottle for a gift, party, meal, or just to enjoy. 

Cheers from Jason and the Gang at Fujioka's

NOTE:  Please contact our store to find out our  most current inventory. Exclusive items often sold out very quickly. Also we update our wine selection on a regularly basis.

Want to learn more about wine? Come to our FREE wine tasting sessions.  Fridays 4pm-7pm & Saturdays 3pm-6pm  • More info via Facebook.com/FujiokasWineTimes